Cel-Fi Mobile Smart Signal Booster Solutions

Improve mobile signal in at home, in the office, in commercial and industry setting, public buildings or on the road with a Cel-Fi mobile signal boosting solution.

Cel-Fi’s mobile phone signal booster strengthens indoor signal by up to four times, providing clear voice conversations and greater data throughout–there’s no need to restrict mobile conversations to outside.


Industry Leading

3G / 4G / 5G - Voice & Data

Smart Signal Booster

With IntelliBoost® Chipset Smart Technology

Scalable Solutions

Available for any size building.

Quick Install or Advanced Install

With Additional Antennas.

Setup & Management WAVE App

Network safe & Carrier Approved

How Does It Work?

Cel-Fi mobile signal boosters improve signal between a mobile phone and a mobile network tower, allowing you to have clear voice conversations and a stable data connection.

An external antenna collects the best mobile signal from outside and transmits it to a Cel-Fi mobile signal booster unit. The unit strengthens the signal and rebroadcasts it through an internal antenna inside the building or vehicle.

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Wave App

Futureproof your investment

The Cel-Fi Wave app allows you to switch mobile networks.

The Cel-Fi WAVE App is designed for end users,installers and channel partners to activate and manage the Cel-Fi product line.

The app connects to your device via Bluetooth and allows you to change the Network Operator, update the booster software and more.