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About London North Studios

London North Studios provide multiple studio and event spaces that can cater for small scale productions all the way through to feature films.

They have worked with many well-known film and TV productions including the likes of Netflix and Apple. But when their key clients were considering not renewing their tenancy agreement due to the poor mobile signal within the office areas and studio areas London North Studios needed to find a solution that could deliver on budget.

The Problem

London North Studios needed a solution on-budget, due to the building materials, site location and topography of the local area was creating a barrier to the external mobile cellular signal which was already weak and non-existent internally. Senior executives were forced to go outside to make a call or miss any important business calls. Their clients were using the poor mobile signal as an issue to not renew their tenancy, which could impact their business.

London North Studios required a multi-signal solution that would cover all areas (offices & studios) across all networks - EE, 3, Vodafone, O2 networks.

The Solution

The Facilities and Operations Manager contacted Frequency Telecom and spoke to the Cel-Fi Sales Manager and arranged for a site survey. The site survey concluded that the signal due to the building materials, site locations and local area were all creating a weak and non-existent internal signal. Following the site survey the, proposed solution and costs were submitted for all areas in scope but were rejected by the London North Studios as it was out of their budget.

London North Studios needed at least a solution to cover the main office areas of the building until they could fund the other areas where the signal needed improvements. They decided the office area was their top priority and went with the Cel-Fi SOLO to help improve the signal.

Several months later, London North Studios budget was raised and they were now in the position to be able to cover the cost of a Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 solution to be installed with the studio areas.

Then the Cel-Fi Q4000e was commissioned to provide more widespread and thorough coverage within the offices to augment what has been provided by the Cel-F Solo in the office areas.


Large, multi-floor, multi-tenanted building made it complex, comprising of both office and studio environments. The studios with their sound proofing requirements makes the installation of a Cel-Fi solution particularly challenging. Cable routes between floors were difficult to trace and running cabling between floors was difficult and required the team to bore holes through various floors to get the cables laid. The external signal from the macros networks was poor, so the right type of donor antenna was required and careful attention to donor alignment during commissioning was key to delivering a quality and well performing solution internally.

The Results

After the first signal booster installation of the Cel-Fi Solo, London North Studios could see instant signal improvement, which made them confident to be able to raise their budget to install the Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 and then the Cel-Fi Quatra Q4000e within the other areas of the film studios.

Once the full deployment was installed, London Noth Studios and their clients were happy with the improved connectivity and no longer needed to go outside to make business calls. Improved mobile connectivity was a key factor in maintaining tenant occupancy both currently and in the future, directly impacting their business success.

Post-Installation Images

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