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About China Mobile International

China Mobile International provides a full spectrum of international telecommunication services & high-quality cloud computing solutions. They provide a secure and stable hosting environment for the equipment and professional service at every step of customer's digital business transformation.

Business Needs

When China Mobile International discovered their new head quarters had very little to no mobile signal they needed to find a quick solution. Due to the nature of their business, they needed reliable cellular coverage for their employees to be able to perform their roles and not impact productivity.

The Problem

The construction materials used were causing a serious mobile signal problem within the building, and with little to no mobile coverage health and safety in the facility was also a concern.

The Solution

Frequency Telecom was approached by China Mobile International during the construction of a new data centre in Slough. Frequency Telecom’s engineers visited the site to conduct a site survey, which included several signal tests throughout the building. The building is 7,000 sq ft, arranged over 2 floors, and the priority was to provide signal for all networks in the office area.

The new building was made predominantly of metal cladding and glass which was blocking the donor (external) signal. These energy efficient materials are often used in modern, sustainable building designs, but play havoc with mobile signal.

Following the site survey and solution design, the CEL-FI GO X was recommended. The solution included 4 CEL-FI GO X signal boosters, 6 internal omni-directional antennas, and 4 external antennas to pick up the donor signal from outside the building. Since the data centre was still in the construction stage when Frequency Telecom began the installation, they were able to utilise existing cable routes and keep labour costs to a minimum.

The Results

Following the CEL-FI GO X installation significant improvement was experienced throughout the data centre, with the signal for 3G & 4G significantly improved across all networks. The office area within the data centre now receives strong and consistent voice and data coverage. Employees are immediately able to see the results of the work, with productivity and operational advantages. They can now easily communicate with suppliers, partners and customers.

Signal Readings Post Installation
3G Results 4G Results
EE -85 dBm -81 dBm
O2 -67 dBm -81 dBm
Three -70 dBm -86 dBm
Vodafone -86 dBm -98 dBm
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