Improve Mobile Phone Signal for the Emergency Services

Secure connectivity for the Ambulance, Fire & Police Services

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Signal Issues Affect Staff Moral & Performance

Staff heavily rely on their mobile phones to communicate between themselves and other emergency services. New building refurbishments can make this impossible on certain networks with staff having to go outside into the car park in order to make and receive calls. Poor Wi-Fi coverage internally also leads to complaints from staff and lower productivity

Why Not Just Use Wi-Fi or Legacy DAS?

Wi-Fi tends to be the go-to technology for quickly providing indoor connectivity, however it is not always the best choice. Mobile data has the following advantages over wi-fi

  • More reliable with fewer signal interruptions
  • More secure
  • Users don’t need to log in
  • Less IT resource required
  • Access to multiple operator signals in an emergency

For very large institutions you could use a legacy DAS system. However our systems offer:

  • a significantly lower TCO
  • you don't need to pay for unneeded capacity
  • our systems are likely to be considerably cheaper
  • our systems will be up and running much more quickly as an operator agreement is not required
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