Step 1 – Indicative Budget Quote (within 1-2 working days)

Begin your journey to enhanced connectivity with a preliminary quote. Simply provide us with the following via our contact us page:

  • The address of the site(s)
  • Marked-up floor plans indicating areas needing signal improvement (unless the whole building needs improvement)
  • The network(s) requiring enhancement (single network solutions are cheaper than multiple network options)

With this information, we'll be able to provide an indicative quote to set the foundation for our next steps.

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Step 2 – Detailed Site Survey (usually available within 14 days)

Our on-site survey is meticulously designed to ensure a viable, cost effective solution and includes:

  • A thorough assessment of both the external and internal 3G, 4G & 5G signal strengths and quality available
  • Identifying the optimal external cell to use as the donor taking into account the quality and direction of the available signal
  • Determining the number of boosters and antennas that will be required considering the layout, size and building structure
  • Determining where the boosters and internal/external antenna should be mounted for optimal performance taking existing cable runs and containment/conduit into consideration
  • Evaluating any additional equipment or pre-installation requirements
  • Presenting a detailed survey report and a fully costed proposal for your approval

Step 3 – System Installation & Testing (usually available within 7 days of approval)

The final step includes:

  • Shipping equipment to your site post-order
  • Submitting Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) for installation and safety
  • Installing, commissioning, and fully optimising the system
  • Conducting thorough system tests and demonstrations, showcasing improved signal and introducing the Wave App or Portal for system management

Enhanced Support with Remote Monitoring and Management

To maintain optimal performance, consider our Remote Monitoring and Management Service.
This service ensures your system remains up-to-date, well-monitored, and efficiently managed, guaranteeing seamless connectivity for your business.