Lincolnshire Showground

About Lincolnshire Showground

The Epic Centre at Lincolnshire Showground is the largest and most flexible space in the region.

Comprising three exhibition halls, six meeting rooms and a fully equipped kitchen, the award-winning Epic Centre offers a diverse, multi-functional building designed for meetings, conferences and events of many different types.

Business Needs

This high-quality events space needed a mobile signal solution which could deliver the seamless mobile connectivity its customers demanded.

By offering a varied space like this to a wide range of customers meant the building had to have 21st century communications too.

Poor mobile signal inside would impact on the attractiveness of the venue from a sales perspective.

The Problem

Reclaimed steel girders were used because the building was designed to be as sustainable as possible. However, whilst wanting to provide customers with a building that had strong ‘green’ credentials, the team still had to meet the communications needs of its customers and their guests. Having no mobile signal inside would mean an impact on the attractiveness of the venue from a sales perspective.

The Solution

Realising something needed to be done CEO Jayne Southall spoke with service provider, O2, and was told that a booster mast could be fitted, however, the cost was highly prohibitive. No other solutions were forthcoming from the networks, so Jayne turned to the Cel-Fi platform. Of particular importance was that all Cel-Fi products comply with OFCOM regulations (OFCOM SI 2018/399) and can be used without a licence.

“I called Frequency, the UK Distributor for Cel-Fi, and spoke with Colin Giles (Account Manager and Cel-Fi expert), who pulled out all of the stops to understand the issue and come up with the solution. We only had a limited time to solve the problem so we not only needed a system that worked, but we needed it fast. Colin and his team did not let us down and we can now deliver the right level of connectivity our customers expect.”

The company’s specialists sprang into action – specifying and fitting a Cel-Fi GO-X system in just three weeks – delivering exactly what was needed to make sure the venue could have its grand opening with no connectivity worries. This multi-carrier solution is ideal for use in commercial properties, government buildings, agricultural settings, small manufacturing operations, rural areas, businesses and even large homes. The solution chosen for the Epic Centre supports all networks and since the system was fitted, the mobile signal has gone from zero to a steady two-three bars.

Jayne says that having a strong and steady mobile signal is a great USP for the venue to add to all the other high-quality services this attractive, sustainable and popular venue offers. Thanks to Cel-Fi and Frequency Telecom all the venue’s visitors can have an Epic time, all of the time.

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