Essential Signal for EV Charging

About KPMG

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services and essential service for many businesses. They have over 150 years of experience. Their office in Manchester, UK is located in the city center next to high-rise buildings and the tram station.

The Problem

KPMG Manchester office wanted to provide EV charging capabilities within their underground car park. Located in the centre of the city they wanted to give their employees the opportunity to park their electric vehicles on-site within their car park.

EV chargers need uninterrupted cellular signal for processing card payments and updating the built-in software. The charging points being in the basement of the 6-storey building, the cellular signal was not penetrating through. They needed to find a solution that could deliver on reliability and single network coverage.

The Solution

One of our certified resellers conducted a signal reading and site survey which confirmed the signal within the basement area was non-existent. The survey concluded that the Cel-Fi G41 would provide the best solution and offer the one network requirements.

The Results

The signal booster significantly improved the mobile signal within the basement area. KPMG was able to have their EV charging stations connected to the signal and provide the touch and tap capabilities. By having EV chargers KPMG were able to reduce their carbon footprint and provide sustainability solutions to their employees.

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