Providing Transport Solutions for R.E Davies HQ

About R.E Davies

R.E Davies Ltd are located in a rural area, surrounded by agricultural landscape, located on the Industrial Estate in Stafford. Their offices were formed from container offices. Shipping containers are made from corrugated steel and insulation, this material creates a barrier receiving a cellular signal.

Business Needs

The customer service team need to be able to have constant communication and know where their drivers are, to keep their customers updated and on track. But their customer service team was experiencing dropped calls and poor-quality calls resulting in enormous frustration from the team.

They want to provide ‘A first-class service to all of their customers from the first point of contact’. But they were experiencing poor cellular coverage. They were at the stage where it was affecting their sanity and the director was considering relocation of the business.

The Problem

The container's walls were preventing mobile signal coverage from within the building.

The Solution

Instalek conducted a site survey and discovered the premises building materials and rural location were contributing factors to the poor mobile signal. R.E Davies Ltd premisses consists of 90,000 ft2 of indoor storage and over 50,000 ft2 outdoor storage. The indoor storage consisted of two shipping containers made from steel. Shipping containers are designed to withstand shipment storage and handling, steel acts a frequency blocker and stops signal from penetrating the building.

Instalek site survey concluded that the premises had poor/no mobile signal. Instalek recommended a signal booster would provide the solution and highly recommended installation of 2 x CEl-FI SOLO’s units provisioned to Vodafone and O2 mobile network. The CEl-FI SOLO is the most powerful carrier-grade solution available to improve mobile coverage in indoor areas. With 100dB of gain, it eliminates dead zones and dropped calls by amplifying 3G / 4G / 5G mobile signal for voice and data.

The Results

After the installation there was significant improvement improvement in call quality in throughout. From having poor/no signal they now have at least four bar coverage across the Vodafone and O2 network throughout the business premises. The CEL-FI SOLO’s gave an instant improvement, resulting in efficient performance of the customer service and distribution team to their customers.

With the operational issues now resolved, the company no longer needed to consider relocating, resulting in significant business cost savings.

The director of the company was so happy with the solution they are considering their fleet of transportation and deploying CEL-FI transport solutions going forward.

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