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About Henry Construction

Henry Construction is a highly regarded multi-disciplined building contractor with more than 30 years of experience. They have successfully delivered some of the UK’s most cost-effective solutions and commercially value-engineered buildings and construction projects for their clients across many sectors. Their collaborative and customer-centric approach has earned them a reputation as a leading industry specialist.

Business Needs

Henry Construction recently moved their headquarters into a new office in 12 Craven Road, Central London. Despite the central location of the building, it soon became apparent that there was little to no mobile signal within the building.

Directors and other personnel were frustrated when they had to move outside into the noisy, busy street to make and receive phone calls. Dropped and missed calls were having a detrimental effect on the company who pride themselves in good communication with their suppliers and customers.

The Solution

Henry Construction’s IT department contacted Frequency looking for legal, cost-effective solution that could be up and running in a very short space of time. After phone consultations and a site inspection, Cel-Fi GO X mobile signal boosters were presented as the solution to solve the problem for all networks.

However, after the initial deployment, Vodafone connectivity issues persisted. A further diagnostic investigation identified complexities within the Vodafone cellular network that affected the local area. Installing the Cel-Fi QUATRA resolved the signal issue for and helped recoup their communication reputation with their clients and suppliers.

The Results

In less than 1 week, in-door connectivity was provided on EE, Three and O2 networks. The Vodafone solution was optimised for specific end-user devices. As a result of the signal boosters they have experienced fewer dropped and missed calls giving the business confidence in their operations.

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