Solving Mobile Connectivity For Remote Working

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally, governments and businesses have started to roll out work-from-home policies for their employees. Coupled with the imminent school closure for the Easter holidays, some businesses and employees will find themselves on a crash course to remote working.

Two crucial elements to enable effective remote working are digital connectivity and mobile phone coverage.


95% of homes in the UK have high-speed Wi-Fi solutions installed which solves the digital connectivity problem. These internet services will come under severe pressure when it must deal with the increased demands on bandwidth from the many people at home during a lock-down. Wi-Fi calling is widely acknowledged as unreliable and inadequate, particularly in the business domain, where dropped and missed calls are unacceptable when attempting to maintain business continuity.


Residential properties are often built where there is little or no mobile phone signal. Frustrated occupants quickly learn that only certain places in the house (eg. right next to the kitchen window or going outside) provide enough mobile phone signal to make or take a call.


The best solution to fix mobile coverage in residential homes is to fit a mobile signal booster. Cel-Fi mobile signal boosters are designed to address the challenges faced by businesses and consumers every day when trying to make and receive mobile phone calls in the home and office.

Cel-Fi products are the only OFCOM approved, licence exempt mobile signal boosters for 3G and 4G voice and data for all UK mobile networks. They will strengthen mobile signal indoors by up to four times and provide clear voice conversations. Cel-Fi mobile signal boosters are the only OFCOM approved, licence exempt products available in the UK.

Residential solutions include the PRIME for smaller homes or apartments and the GO X is ideal for larger properties.

Cel-Fi’s PRIME is an easy to install, plug-and-play solution and eliminates dead zones and dropped calls. It has been designed specifically for residential use for spaces of approximately 1,000 sq. ft. and will reduce a mobile phone’s power requirements and extend its battery life.

Cel-Fi GO X Smart Signal Booster delivers the industry’s largest coverage footprint with the best voice and data wireless performance. This multi-carrier solution is IP66 rated weather resistant and does not interfere with other wireless devices. Cel-Fi GO X is cost efficient and easy-to-setup with an installer.

Each installation comes with the Cel-Fi WAVE app which is used to register, monitor and update Cel-Fi products, placing the user in charge of their device. Switching Mobile Network Operators can easily be done on the app.

Find out more about Cel-Fi products by visiting here.

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