Shopping and Scrolling in Store


Supermarkets and retail stores, particularly those inside a shopping centre, have poor mobile connectivity. This is usually due to the materials used during the construction of the building, like steel, metal cladding and galvanised glass, which effectively prevents mobile signal from penetrating inside the building. Thus, when a customer enters the supermarket, shopping centre or retail store, the connection to their mobile network stops working rendering them unable to make phone calls, text or browse on their mobile device.

Many supermarkets and shopping centres offer free Wi-Fi connection to customers, but it does not always provide a seamless experience.


Many stores within shopping centres have store-specific Wi-Fi networks. As the customer moves between stores, they very likely have to connect to multiple different Wi-Fi networks to maintain a data connection. If the customer uses the store’s Wi-Fi network to make a phone call, using Wi-Fi calling, the call will drop or cut out as they move in and out of the same store, or from one store to another.


Free Wi-Fi networks usually have bandwidth limitations placed on them. This prevents customers from sending and receiving content that uses a lot of data, such as sending photos, streaming social media, or making video calls.


In some supermarkets, access to free Wi-Fi is subject to the completion of a company’s consent form requiring personal information and agreeing to opt-in to receive marketing or promotional information from the company. This can create a negative response from the consumer and a reluctance to sign up and agree to use the Wi-Fi network.


Whilst in the store, the Wi-Fi network may only stay connected for as long as the customer is active on their device. Once they stop being active, they would have to reconnect again.


Cel-Fi smart signal boosters provide customers with a seamless transition from the outside to the inside. By boosting mobile networks inside the store, customers can continue using their devices on their own mobile networks without the need to log on or connect to Wi-Fi networks. Customers can make voice and video calls, send messages, and browse the internet and social media without any interruption on their mobile connection.

Cel-Fi smart signal boosters are designed to improve indoor mobile signal strength with up to 100db gain for 3G and 4G in voice and data. Cel-Fi automatically adjusts to the size of the indoor environment and delivers the industry’s highest gain at the lowest cost per square foot. Cel-Fi is available for EE, O2, Vodafone, Three and all Mobile Virtual Network Operators.

The Cel-Fi commitment is to protect the operator’s network, deliver the best mobile performance, and be the easiest solution to install. There is a range of products available to improve indoor mobile signal in any size building.

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