Cel-Fi Booster

The main building was constructed with large span fabricated steel trusses and metal cladding. To accommodate the 3rd-floor mezzanine, long-span steel beams with metal floor decking were installed. New building regulations introduced after the Grenfell disaster stipulate that all new buildings must include more fire-stop partitions. These modern construction materials effectively created a Faraday-cage effect and prevented mobile signal from penetrating the building. This resulted in little to no mobile coverage available inside.

Recognising that mobile connectivity was crucial for business operations, the customer had the foresight to involve Frequency Telecom and Pan RF from the outset. Pan RF had a very short time window between practical completion (PC) and the customer occupying the building in which to deliver a solution and a limited budget to work with. Therefore, the Nextivity Cel-Fi Quatra Solution was presented as the ideal solution to provide voice and data services on the EE network.

PanRF deployed this cost-effective, OFCOM licence-exempt solution in a short space of time. Warehouse employees now enjoy reliable voice and data connectivity inside the new building.

Cel-Fi has a range of mobile signal solution available for any size building. Cel-Fi products are mobile network approved and fully meet the regulatory requirements in the UK and Ireland. The Cel-Fi commitment is to protect the operator's network, deliver the best in-building mobile performance, and be the easiest solution to install.

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