Resolving Poor Mobile Signal for the Finance Industry


Communication in the world of foreign exchange is vital. A leading global high-street foreign exchange company head office was experiencing communications issues due to poor mobile signal. Being in the foreign exchange industry they need to be able to have reliable communication with their worldwide stores. The lack of signal was having a detrimental impact on their staff and visitors for not being able to effectively communicate. A timely and cost-effective solution was needed.

The Construction

The location and construction materials were having an impact on their mobile signal. Situated next to the motorway and positioned one side of a river surrounded by lakes, trees and greenspace, whilst being on the cusp of the edge of a city center meant the outside signal wasn’t very strong and the building was constructed in the ’60s/’70s with thick concrete walls and tinted glass impacting any signal getting inside of the building.

The signal solution needed to be reliable for the office areas on the 1st floor and the small office area on the ground floor.

The Problem

Due to the location of the building, mobile signals could not be received inside the building, this made communications difficult for people as they had to rely upon a desk phone. Staff missed important phone calls but there were other aspects to consider, visitors would not be able to access email on their mobile phones as well personal mobiles which simply would not work inside the building.

They had previously used a 2G Vodafone mobile signal solution; however, this was limited to improving voice only. As mobile phones have evolved, they now required at least, 3G/4G/5G and a multi-network solution.

Business Needs

The Solution

Following an in-depth site survey, ZoneGen, one of the approved resellers installed and completed the installation. The site survey found the signal on the roof was good however the signal indoors was very poor on Vodafone and O2.

Due to budget, it was concluded that the Cel-Fi Solo for all 4 networks (Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three) would be able to provide the solution.

The Results

The client was satisfied with the significant increase in mobile signals and the timely delivery of the project within their budget. The head office is now able to provide a multi-network solution to their staff and customers alike.

Post-Installation Images

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